October 29, 2020

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You Can Do These 5 Preparation Steps Before Adventuring In The Wild

Nature does provide many things that can be used to survive. However, properly preparing your equipment before traveling can make things easier. In addition, knowledge about survival is also very important, including travel routes, knots, to animals and plants. Furthermore, you also need the best survival equipment to boost your survival chance, as well as for improving your comfort when you stay in the wild. You can go to survivalenvy store to find some of the best survival gear according to your needs.

Brian Mertins, an expert on survival in the wild, explained various things that need to be prepared before venturing into the wild, such as:

First, prepare the most basic outdoor survival equipment. Some of the items below are some of the most basic adventure gear that will come in handy when getting lost.

– Parachute strings for fastening fireplace equipment
– Sturdy sharp knife
– Fishing line
– Whistle
– Thick gloves and scarf
– Thermos or drinking water bottles.

Second, explore knowledge about plants. Recognize the characteristics of edible and poisonous plants. In addition, learn how to properly consume plants in nature. Below are the characteristics and characteristics of plants that should be avoided because of the possibility of poisoning:

– Berries that are white or yellow in color
– thorns
– Mushrooms
– Plants that taste like soap or are bitter
– Plants with bright or shiny leaves
– Plants that have three-stemmed leaves
– The flowers are in the shape of an umbrella
– Milky white gummy plant
– Almond-scented herbs

Third, know the geographic patterns in the forest. This can help determine the safest place to build a shelter.

Fourth, prepare everything, including telling the people closest to the adventure plan in the wild. In addition, always report in advance to forest guards or climbing basecamp guards to anticipate the worst.

Fifth, the most important thing is not to underestimate nature. Always be alert to all conditions that might occur, and try not to lose your way.

Those are 5 preparation steps that you must do before you go on an adventure in the wild. Although our info is brief, we really hope it helps you to survive better in the wild. Stay safe!