October 1, 2020

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You Can Do These 3 Tips To Grind Meat Properly

In choosing meat, it must be more important because we must be able to choose meat that has very good quality to grind. Then you have to choose the meat fresh. If you have bought the meat, you should remove the fat membrane that covers the meat. Then you can immediately cut the meat into small pieces. Meanwhile, if you love to use the Hobart meat grinder but its blades have become dull, perhaps you want to find some replacement Hobart meat grinder blades on a reliable online store.

Here are 3 Tips for Grinding Fresh Meat Properly in order to make grinding meat easier:

1. Using a Meat Grinder Machine

The meat grinder machine can grind meat very quickly because this machine has a cutting system that has a star-shaped knife that rotates with a grinding auger. For how to grind it you have to press it on the rotating water part and the meat will grind itself. The results will come out in the grinder disc hole.

2. Using a knife

Besides using this meat grinder machine, you can also use a knife to grind the meat manually. Most of these are where people want to grind meat manually. Instead of grinding meat in traditional markets because the place is crowded and it is not certain that the ground meat is not necessarily clean. For now, you have to prepare a cutting board for the base for cutting meat. Then mix with small sesame flakes on the meat. After that, you can immediately slice the meat in a one-way motion.

3. Using an Automatic Blender

Besides using machines and knives. Blenders are also perfect for grinding meat until it becomes smooth. In addition to the blender used for fruit juice blenders, the blender can also grind meat. For how to grind it first, prepare ice cubes. Then the ice cubes that you have prepared, crush them, then mix them with the pieces of meat that you will blend.

If everything has been put into a blender, grind it for 10 seconds. After that, you can check the texture of the ground meat from the blender. Before that, turn off the blender first. If the meat is still not smooth, you can blend it again.