November 29, 2020

Curt Cleaver

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Wooden Houses Have Earthquake Resistance

Houses made of simple bricks have relatively lower resistance than wooden houses in the event of an earthquake. Brick houses tend to experience cracks and can even collapse during earthquake shocks. However, this wooden house has elastic properties that allow the house to be more resilient when it comes to earthquakes. If you are interested in having a wooden house, then you will feel comfortable living in it. This wooden walled house is very unique and has a high aesthetic value. Especially if you add natural colors when you do exterior painting woodstock on the walls of your home, this will make your home more beautiful One Man and A Brush.

You can follow the inspiration for wooden house paint color combinations such as color designs that are usually found in wooden houses in Japan. Some wooden houses in Japan combine natural wood colors with white for interiors and window colors in wooden houses. Besides, there are black accents that are highlighted in this wooden house, namely the black color found on the sitting cushions at home. Even though the design of this wooden house is Japanese style, this does not mean that this house design cannot be applied in the area where you are. If you like Japanese-style wooden houses and the color combination of this wooden house paint is perfect for your taste, then you can build a Japanese-style wooden house.

Also, if you have a wooden house, you don’t need air conditioning in the house anymore. With free and clean air circulation. Besides that, wood also has a natural fragrance that can make it comfortable. For those who don’t like chemistry fragrances, this will help. Each wood has its aroma because it is natural so it is not easily lost. the atmosphere of a wooden house is also different, more shady and comfortable. Especially if the location of the house is an area with open nature.