October 29, 2020

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What Is The Difference Between Copper And Magnetic Wire?

The magnetic wire is copper wire with thin enamel insulation, not the usual thick plastic. The two wires are in the same condition, but the magnetic copper wire is specially coated with a thin, high heat-absorbing material. The magnetic wire is coated with enamel insulation vs a plastic or rubber coating. The magnetic wire has very special insulation, copper wire will not work either. Copper is used in motor winding, transformer winding, induction winding. The insulation may be a thin film of varnish called enamel, polyester fiber, or fiberglass yarn; or a combination of enamel and fibrous isolation. Fibrous insulation can be impregnated with varnish to bind the insulation to the conductors and increase thermal resistance. Meanwhile, if you need the best tool to cut wire, we suggest you check out some of the best wire cutters that you can buy online.

If the copper is bare then the winding will produce a short circuit, so an enamel coating is applied which acts as an insulator & allows winding. This is done by dipping the copper into the enamel solution as it is “attracted” to the thickness/diameter required and allowed to heal. Such enameled/insulated copper wire is called a magnetic wire.

However, Bare copper is used in wiring & electrical connections including grounding / earthing.

The magnetic wire is also called winding wire. There are a number of types of insulating films ranging in temperature from Class 105 to Class 240. Each type of film has its own unique characteristics according to the specific requirements of the application.

The shelf life of a magnetic wire is not specified in commercial specifications. As long as the wire is carefully stored, it may be of use for years to come. The bondable wire should not be stored at temperatures exceeding 100 ° F. Electrolytic tough pitch copper (ETP Copper, UNS C11000) exceeds 99.9% purity and is the type most widely used for the production of magnetic wire. It is deliberately oxygenated (200-400 ppm) to achieve the best combination of conductivity, capacity for cold working, and economy. MWS can also supply wire made of high purity OFHC Copper (99.95%) (UNS C10200) or Certified (99.99%) OFHC Copper (UNS C10100).