October 29, 2020

Curt Cleaver

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Understanding SEO

If you do a search on Google’s search engine by entering certain keywords, you will see a list of websites that are relevant to the keywords written. The higher the ranking means the more relevant to the keywords you are looking for. Google displays search results on the first page of the search varies, generally, there are 6-10 websites depending on the keywords you write and the number of ads. Now that all depends on SEO optimization on the website, the better the rank on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Get more information on White Labeling Nation Ello.

The Google search engine ranks the website not only randomly, but there are many SEO factors that influence the ranking of websites on the search engine page. Before the further discussion on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it helps you need to understand what SEO is and its complete history.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization is an effort made to do website optimization in order to get top rankings in search engines. By getting top search engine rankings you will get more website traffic so that your website is more known.

In addition to SEO, you will get website traffic according to the purpose of the website created. So by having a lot of targeted and targeted traffic you can further utilize this to simply share information, branding, increase trust, sell, and other methods of making money. The search engine in this case Google uses certain algorithms in determining website ranking, even the Google algorithm is always updated every day. By implementing good and correct SEO, then you need to adjust to the latest Google algorithm so you can easily get page one ranking.

Historically, SEO first appeared on July 26, 1997, through spam messages posted on Usenet. At this time the search engine algorithm is not too complex as it is today so it’s easy to manipulate.

According to Danny Sullivan, founder of Search Engine Land, the search engine algorithm used to rank websites was based on meta tags and HTML code used on websites. Meta tags contain information that is contained in a web page with certain keywords. At that time many website owners cheated by entering inappropriate keywords, so the search results on SERP did not match what the user was looking for.