October 1, 2020

Curt Cleaver

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Tips For Safe Dogs When We Are On Vacation

When the holiday season arrives, of course, you and your family take the time to go on vacation, even by taking your favorite dog. Providing Life’s Abundance dog food can make your dog less fussy when invited to travel. Read the tips below to keep your beloved dog safe while he is being left behind.

1 Don’t leave the dog alone at home
Your beloved dog cannot be left at home alone for more than 1 day. Find a friend or neighbor who can see and look after you while on vacation to look after your beloved dog.

2 Leave a message for the person who looks after the beloved dog.
Write down and provide instructions for the person who looks after the dog such as feeding schedule, availability of clean water, telephone number, and address of the nearest vet.

3 Inform the dog vet
Tell your vet that the dog will be left at home. Don’t forget, ask for help from the vet if there is an emergency from your beloved dog at home.

4 Check the dog’s condition at home
Don’t forget to call and ask about your pet dog with the guard.

5 Leave toys that are safe for dogs.
When left at home, dogs can play with their favorite toys that you leave behind.

Dogs are also accustomed to daily routines that are carried out with you, for example taking walks in the morning and evening. Therefore, make sure that the people at home keep asking her out as you do. So the routine of the dog is still running normally.

If you want to leave it at a daycare for animals, here are some tips to watch out for:

– Book a dog daycare in advance, as usual, the place will be full especially in the holiday season.
– Make sure the animal daycare is trusted
– Check the safety, cleanliness, food, availability of the veterinarian on duty. Also, make sure that the daycare provides time for walking outside. You can ask for recommendations from other animal lovers and don’t forget to go to the dog’s daycare before leaving them.
– Make sure the dog is in good health and has been vaccinated when left.
– Leave your phone number, e-mail address, pet owner, and the phone number of your closest relative or friend when you cannot be reached.
– Check the dog again after returning from vacation
– Make sure the dog is clean, free of fleas, and ask for a report from the daycare.