October 27, 2020

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There Are Several Categories Of Market Place Model E-Commerce That Entrepreneurs Must Know

The Marketplace model is a one-site business model that consists of various online stores that offer products or services for sale. Various virtual shops gather to make it easier for consumers to shop. The marketplace consists of several categories based on the type of product sales, industry, demographics, and specific geographical aspects. Apart from that, before we continue, we suggest you try clickfunnels if you’re looking for an effective method to improve your online sales.

In short, not all e-commerce websites are marketplaces. However, all marketplaces are part of e-commerce.

A marketplace is a place for online sales that brings together sellers and buyers. Basically, the marketplace is divided into categories, among others:

a. Business to Business (B2B) e-Commerce

Business to Business e-commerce is a business transaction between one company and another. The aim is to help other parties’ businesses to improve policies, procedures, customer service, and general operations. Business activities are not only in the form of products but also in services.

Generally, this e-commerce model uses the Electonic Data Interchange (EDI) data transfer process and email for the process of product purchasing, consulting, and sending business proposals.

b. Business to Consumer (B2C) e-Commerce

Business to Consumer (B2C) is an e-commerce model operated by companies with retail consumers as the target of online sales. This business model tends to be more dynamic and spread rapidly like retail businesses in general.

c. Business to Administration (B2A) e-Commerce

Business to Administration (B2A) is an e-commerce model that includes all online transactions between companies and public administrations. This model involves many services, such as in the fields of fiscal, social security, employment, legal documents, and others.

d. Consumer to Business (C2B) e-Commerce

e-Commerce Consumer to Business (C2B) is a business model carried out by a large group of individuals by providing products or services to companies that need these products. This model is generally used in projects on a multi-resource basis, where many products are provided by individuals and used by companies.

e. Consumer to Consumer (C2C) e-Commerce

The Consumer to Consumer (C2C) business model includes all electronic transactions carried out between individual sellers and individual consumers. Usually, transactions are carried out through third parties providing online platforms.