October 1, 2020

Curt Cleaver

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The Common Problems With Ballpoint Pens Of Bad Quality

Every object will inevitably suffer damage at some time. Before they are completely unusable, these objects will generally experience problems which are often referred to as signs of damage. This also applies to pens that are used every day. In general, the part that often signals the pen is going to break is the unusable ink. If the ink in a pen is of bad quality, it will prove to be damaged more quickly. Therefore, you must be smart in knowing the quality of pens before you buy them. But you don’t need to worry anymore because you can get the pen you want at avalonpens.com, of course with good quality. Here are some of the common problems that often occur with bad quality pens.

The first problem is that the ink dries quickly. This problem is arguably the most common and usually occurs with ballpoint pens that are not closed. Usually, low-quality ballpoint pens will experience this very often, and of course, it will be very annoying for the user. Many ballpoint pen brands such as the Pilot Precise V5 RT have come up with innovative ink that is more durable and does not dry easily, providing more convenience for its users.

The second problem is Leaking Ink. There must be some of you who often experience this problem, suddenly the ink comes out of the pen and soaks the paper and hands. Of course, this problem of leaking ink can be a big problem too when the ink hitting clothes cannot be cleaned. This problem can be caused by several reasons such as the bad quality of the ink refill. If the quality of the ink refill is not good or the small ball on the tip of the pen is damaged, it will usually break and make the ink spill out of the pen.