October 29, 2020

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Source Of Vitamin D To Prevent Osteoporosis

When you are asked to maintain bone health so as not to get osteoporosis, the first thing to think about might be calcium. However, did you know that vitamin D is the best multivitamin for women and also a nutrient that is needed so that you do not suffer from porous bone disease?

Vitamin D is very important for bones because it helps the body to more easily absorb calcium. In addition, vitamin D can also support bone growth, maintain bone density, and regulate calcium levels in the blood. Unlike calcium which you can only get through food, your body can produce vitamin D itself. It’s just to activate the ‘engine’ making vitamin D in the body, you have to bask in the sun.

In addition, there are certain types of food that are a source of vitamin D. However, food alone is not enough to meet the needs of vitamin D per day which reaches 600 international units (IU) for those of you under the age of 70 years, or 800 IU for those of you aged 71 years and up so you are also advised to take vitamin D supplements.

Getting enough vitamin D intake (not less or no more) is the key to healthy bones and avoid osteoporosis. The following sources of vitamin D that you can get from nature:

Vitamin D is often referred to as a sunshine vitamin. However, the need for sunlight from one person to another can be different. The production of vitamin D in the body also depends on many factors, for example, the blistering of the location of your residence, skin color, and sunbathing time itself.

One serving of salmon (about 100 grams) can carry 361 to 685 IU of vitamin D. However, this amount can change depending on the type of salmon is wild salmon or aquaculture. Wild salmon can contain vitamin D up to 988 IU, whereas cultured salmon usually has 250 IU only.

Egg yolk
Egg yolk is a source of vitamin D that is easily obtained and good for the body, especially if obtained from native chickens. One large egg yolk contains 44 IU.