October 1, 2020

Curt Cleaver

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Ethics That You Need To Consider While Watching A Movie In The Cinema

The ease of watching movies by streaming, such as on freemovies or other streaming sites, does not discourage viewers from enjoying movies in cinemas because of the better sensation. Watching your favourite movies through the big screen and blaring sound quality will certainly give a different sensation than you watch from television or laptop.
However, because watching cinema requires that you share space with many people, you also need to know the ethics when watching movies, which is unfortunately often forgotten. Although it is not written in writing, you need to know the following things, so that all visitors to the studio feel comfortable.

1. It’s best to Avoid Bringing Babies into the Cinema
In addition to ensuring the baby is in a comfortable condition, also complete with warm clothes and earmuffs to protect his hearing. Because parents need to pay attention to the baby’s hearing condition. Baby’s ears can generally only receive 45 decibels while adult movie sounds with action genres can reach 90 decibels. This certainly needs to be the supervision of parents to be wiser in choosing the film they want to watch. And one other important thing, if in the middle of the film your child cries, you should immediately take him out to provide comfort for other viewers.

2. Adjust the Audience Age Rate
If the film has a G (general audience) rating, it means that the film is safe to watch by various ages. While the PG-13 rate indicates the film should be watched by children aged 13 years and over with the supervision of parents. Then there is the R rating (restricted), which means children under the age of 17 must receive parental or adult supervision while watching this film.

3. Do not leave food waste in the cinema
After you are satisfied with eating popcorn, you should not forget to tidy up leftovers and drinks. You can bring the leftovers and throw them away when you find a trash can outside the studio, or you can just put the rest of the trash on a bench near the stairs in a neatly wrapped condition. This simple thing not only helps ease the burden of the janitors, who have to work extra fast, after the film is over, but also helps schedule the next film to take place on time.

4. Pay attention to the Sound and Light of your Mobile Phone
The use of mobile phones also needs to be your concern while in the cinema. At least make sure the phone is in silent mode and dim the light to a minimum. Because the display of cell phone light that is too bright can give other viewers a feeling of discomfort. Besides, try to receive phone calls outside the studio.

5. Not Recording Movies In Progress for Social Media
The presence of the Instagram story feature has recently become one of the media that many people use to share their various daily activities. No exception when watching movies. If you are among those who like to record footage of films in cinemas that are ongoing for the needs of social media, you should begin to stop the habit.

6. When Still in the Cinema Area, Pay Attention to Your Around When Discussing the End of the Film
It is better to discuss the film with a natural tone and not disturb people around. Especially when you pass a group of people who are waiting for the next show.

7. Choose foods or snacks that have a natural aroma
Food sold in the cinema certainly has a scent that has been adapted to the conditions of the cinema. But it is different if you choose to bring food from outside the cinema to be enjoyed while watching. Although not permitted, if you make it through the cinema security officer, you should choose the type of food that has a natural aroma like bread or cake.