October 1, 2020

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Choose the Best Shoes for Swing Dance

Try to imagine that you are dancing happily on the stage, but you suddenly slip because your shoe tripped on the floor. Surely this is not a proud incident for a dancer who is performing in front of the public eye. A good dance shoe will certainly provide a much better dancing experience. With the right dance shoes from https://themoderndancer.com/swing-dancing-shoes/, you will dance loosely without worrying about falling. Here are some tips for choosing and using dance shoes.

Use shoes that let you move
Shoes for dancing are usually lighter in weight than regular shoes and are more flexible thanks to the materials used. This allows you to move more agile while keeping your ankles and heels safe. This point is especially important when you are doing a turning or turning motion. Most dance shoes in loose leather work better on a wooden dance floor, while sneakers or low-heeled shoes are better suited for outdoor dancing.

Choose shoes that fit your feet
The most important thing in choosing dance shoes is choosing shoes that fit your feet like wearing gloves. Pay attention to the fit of the shoe size to your ankle, as this is the most important body part for dancers. Usually, with continued use, the shoes will stretch a little, so make sure the shoes you choose are not too tight and not too loose. Shoes that fit your feet will result in a better connection between yourself, the dance floor, and the music.

Use shoes that are the right size
Usually, the size of your dancing shoes will not be that different from your every-day shoe sizes. If your feet are a bit small, it’s a good idea to choose shoes one size below normal. Conversely, if your feet are a bit wide, choose shoes that are one size above the top. All you need to remember, your shoes need to attach to your feet properly without restraint.